Will Border Terriers Kill Chickens

Will Border Terriers Kill Chickens? Yes and Here’s How to Stop them

No one can deny the fact that Border Terriers were born to hunt. It’s because they were originally working terriers bred to pursue foxes, and like other terrier breeds, they have a high prey drive.

As a result, many people are interested in finding out whether Border Terriers can get along with or kill smaller animals around the house, like chickens.

In the event you’re considering having a Border Terrier but have chickens in your yard, keep reading because we’ll cover some essential information. It’s also for you if you currently own Border Terriers and would like to add new chickens to your garden.

Let’s take a closer look.

Will Border Terriers Kill Chickens?

Yes, due to their hunting instincts, Border Terriers are capable of killing chickens, as they were originally bred to do so. Because of their strong prey drive and their speed and strength, they are highly skilled at hunting down and killing unsuspecting chickens. Having said that, Border Terriers are also extremely intelligent and can be taught to leave chickens alone and not harm them with correct guidance.

Is it Common for Dogs to Kill Chickens?

Yes, unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for dogs to attack and kill chickens. According to a survey on Backyard Poultry, dogs were among one of the most likely animals to prey on backyard hens. These can be feral dogs, your neighbour’s dogs, and of course your own pet dog, including Border Terriers.

How Can You Prevent Your Border Terrier From Killing Chickens?

Like other terrier dog breeds, Borders are hunting dogs with a strong chase instinct and they will chase chickens, rabbits, and other small animals if given the chance.

The good news is that Border Terriers are good dogs, and can be trained not to harm chickens thanks to their high level of intelligence. A harness, a lot of patience, and a few weeks are all that are required.

1.) Begin Training Early On

You should begin training your puppy at an early age, and you should also start introducing him to other animals in your house or garden. As a result, he will become more accepting, tolerant, and even affectionate toward them.

2.) Use A Harness

When training your dog, we strongly advise that you put him on a harness to keep him and your hens safe. Since it’s a harness, your pet won’t choke, and it’ll be easier to maintain control over him.

3.) Gradually Introduce Him To The Chickens

As long as your chickens are in a coop, put your Border Terrier in his harness and lead him slowly toward the chickens.

4.) Take Action When He Leaps

At this point, your puppy may attempt to snag or lunge at the hens. Pull him back gently and clearly say “NO!” when he does this. Afterward, take him away.

5.) Repeat The Process

Try the last steps again after waiting a few days. Slowly lead your dog near the hens with a harness on. This time around, edge a bit closer to the chickens. Once again pull him back and say “NO” should he attempt to go for the chickens, then walk away.

6.) Take off The Harness

You may remove the harness once your Border Terrier does not show signs of aggressiveness and may even totally ignores the hens when he is around them. Keep an eye on your dog at all times, and don’t let him get too far away from you.

Your Border Terrier may take a few days or even weeks to learn that the chickens must not be hurt and that he should keep away from them.

Should I Punish My Border Terrier For Killing A Chicken?

Remember that Border Terriers were bred to chase and have a great hunting instinct. Therefore if your Border Terrier attacks a chicken, don’t penalize him for it because he’s simply doing what he’s naturally inclined to do. Spend a bit more time teaching him not to hurt the hens, and try to ensure he is engaged in other activities and exercising as much as possible.

Is A Border Terrier A Dangerous Dog?

When it comes to humans of any age, other dogs, and larger animals, Border Terriers are not considered to be dangerous.

But, because of their innate desire to hunt, they can be harmful around smaller animals and might display aggression. Aside from that, they’re wonderful family pets who provide unconditional love and affection.

Stop Your Border Terrier Killing Chickens

Admittedly, with the terrier dog’s instinct in his blood, your Border Terrier is likely to go on a chicken-killing rampage if given half the chance. He’s just doing what comes naturally to him. 

On the flip side, Border Terriers are super smart and can be taught to keep their distance from your poultry. It is important, however, that you begin training your pet as soon as possible and socialize him as much as you can.

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