Are Border Terriers Good Pets? 5 Pros and cons Explained

Are Border Terriers Good Pets? 5 Pros and Cons Explained

Are Border Terriers Good Pets?

It’s no small feat if you’re considering adding a dog to your household. Even before you take on the responsibility of caring for an animal, you have to be sure they will adapt to your family, fit in with your lifestyle and ensure they are happy. 

​​When it comes to family companions, not all dog breeds make ideal pets. So how do Border Terriers fare in this regard? Are Border Terriers good dogs?

In general, border terriers are excellent pets. Adorable and active, they are perfectly sized and have wonderful personalities. However, because of the purpose they were bred for, they have a strong prey drive, and their owners must be vigilant since they can bolt quickly. They might also try to escape.

The Kennel Club’s breed standard is a good place to start if you want to learn more about the typical traits of the Border Terrier.

However, other aspects, including socialization, training, age, parentage, and personality, all play a role in what sort of pets Border Terriers are likely to make.

Do Border Terriers Have a Good Temperament?

In order to gain a good understanding of any dog breed, we need to look at their past and their character. Border Terriers are quite often referred to as “plucky,” meaning brave and resolute. 

Being a terrier (or earth dogs), they were bred to work under the ground to drive out vermin and walk alongside horses and foxhounds. Each of these work sessions could take hours, and the Border Terrier’s job was to bolt the creatures from their hole, and they have been known to wait for days! 

Because of their ancestry, they are tenacious, loyal, and sociable dogs with a good deal of courage and intelligence.

The Pros and Cons of Border Terriers

Every dog breed has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. A Border Terrier, of course, is no exception.

If you’re thinking about getting a Border Terrier but are worried about some aspects of their personality or what they’re known for being good at and not so good at, keep reading to find out more!

The Pros of Border Terriers as Family Pets

Border Terriers are small in size

The small stature of a Border Terrier is one of the most appealing aspects of owning one. In terms of height, Border Terriers are among the smaller terrier breeds, with an average height of 12–15 inches. Having a steady disposition, Borders are well-suited to family life in any setting, whether it is a sprawling estate in the country or a studio in the city.

There are several distinct advantages to owning a small dog, including the fact that they require less food, live longer, need less cleaning, and are generally easier to care for than some of the larger breeds of dogs.

Border Terriers are good-natured 

A terrier’s inherent impulses are to dig and attack because they were bred to pursue vermin. Known for their bravery and toughness, you can expect a clever, active dog in the Border Terrier who’s always up for a task to accomplish. 

Nevertheless, they are not as aggressive as some of the other terriers, and will get along well with children and strangers. That’s not to say they won’t stand up for themselves if challenged. Border Terriers are extremely loyal to their owners and will go to great lengths to please them. 

Border Terriers are smart

It’s a common myth that terriers are hard to train and, therefore, are not particularly intelligent. However, dog intelligence entails more than being obedient and merely doing tricks. 

Border Terriers are known for their innate and adaptive intelligence, which means they have developed to solve problems for themselves in order to obtain something. We can use this characteristic to unlock our Border Terriers’ true potential. And because they enjoy being active, it will also help them be happier.

Each Border Terrier is unique, and so is his or her level of intelligence. You’ll see more intelligence in a dog who is encouraged to be creative and who is taught basic obedience from an early age.

Border Terriers are healthy

Borders, like most terriers, are generally in good health. The average lifespan of a Border Terrier is between 12 and 15 years, which is regarded as a healthy lifespan for a dog. There are, of course, some breed-specific health issues that can arise. 

Even though they are extremely rare, certain Border Terrier families have been known to carry the genes for congenital ventricular septal (VSD) abnormalities, hip dysplasia, and retinal atrophy. 

As a rule, Borders are robust and resilient pets, and even when sick, they bounce back quickly. Which means fewer trips to the vet. 

Border Terriers are low shedding

The types of coats that dogs have vary widely among them. Shedding is the process through which a dog loses its old, dead hair in order to grow new hair.

The more they shed, the more dander they make, which is one of the causes of allergies in people.

With a Border Terrier, you won’t have to worry about your home and clothing getting covered in fur because their hair is short and doesn’t shed much.

Although there are still a few grooming needs to be aware of, which we’ll get into later.

Cons of Border Terriers as family pets

Those are just a few of the reasons why individuals choose to keep Border Terriers. But what about the downsides to them? Some say there’s none, and it all depends on what a potential pet owner is looking for in a dog. 

Here are five traits that may not make them ideal for everyone. 

Border Terriers like to dig

Like other terrier breeds, Borders get a kick out of digging. Since they had to dig their way into the earth as working dogs, this trait is firmly ingrained in the breed.

When a dog decides to landscape the backyard, some owners find it frustrating. An area of the garden can be designated for the Terrier to exercise his natural instincts, which will keep both of them happy.

Border Terriers are escape artists

It is well-known among Border Terrier owners that even the most secure garden can be breached by their pet. Because they are professional diggers, they are able to get under a fence in a matter of minutes. Jumping over walls and fleeing are two of their other skills.

Because they’ll bolt if they spot prey-like creatures, it’s always best to keep them on a leash while out walking. Their lack of road sense makes it extremely hazardous for them to be in close proximity to passing traffic since they will simply bolt without a second thought.

Border Terriers need hand stripping

Border Terriers have a double coat; a thick, dense undercoat and a harsh outer coat. To keep the dog’s coat in top condition and to preserve the Border Terrier’s distinctive look, it is necessary to strip and trim the dog’s hair regularly.

Traditional stripping is done by hand, which can take a few hours for an experienced groomer. Alternatively, a stripping knife can be used as well. Brushing and bathing Border Terriers on a regular basis is also beneficial.

Hand stripping is something some dog owners choose to learn to keep costs down, and it’s great for bonding too.

Border Terriers are energetic 

According to the Kennel Club, Border Terriers have medium exercise needs, with an hour’s daily walk recommended. Borders, however, can handle much more than that.

Having walked alongside fox hounds in their working days, they are well-versed in the challenges of long walks in the countryside, regardless of the weather. Their owners must be prepared for additional play sessions to keep their Borders out of mischief. Otherwise, they can become destructive.

They also have a very strong prey drive and will chase scurrying animals in front of them.

Border Terriers can be stubborn

Some owners say that, despite their Border’s eagerness to learn, they often choose to ignore them and refuse to cooperate. This is due to their independence and intelligence, as well as their tendency to become distracted. 

Their working heritage has bred in them the ability to think for themselves. It’s important to start working with pups as soon as possible and to teach them to accept instructions in a positive and balanced way. This will help keep them from getting bored.

Is a Border Terrier a Good First Dog?

For first-time owners, Border Terriers can be a good choice. Borders are friendly and affectionate dogs with bags of character. They need some moderate exercise and grooming, and they can be trained despite their stubbornness. They are a breed that can adapt to the needs of just about every owner.

Before purchasing, new owners should be aware of some characteristics that set them apart from other dogs. We’ve attempted to cover the most critical points in this post. Because of their high levels of energy, they may not be the best choice for seniors looking for a pet as well as needing specialist grooming a couple of times a year.

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